Closing down and moving

Sadly, I’m thinking of closing down this blog and moving to using blogger. Or maybe xanga. Don’t worry cos i’ll post the new url.

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Life Slayer Chapter 1: Her Past

Demons and Humans co-existed once long ago… But their differences were too great and they eventually separated themselves… Some of them lived in peace and harmony… but not all have such passive thinking…they prefer killing and enjoying the screams and cries of their victims….

Time passes by and soon, the human race was dropping rapidly. And so, warriors were created; known as Claymores. They were half human, half demon. Although they were on the side of humans, they were still feared as you would not expect when they would suddenly turn into full-fledged demons. There is  a special case however, that humans can take the blood of Claymores and become Claymores themselves. But, the success rate of such an act is hardly 1%. Many have tried, but died in the process or have fully turned into a demon. Those failures would have been killed by the original Claymores, regardless the identity.

Now, we shall follow Rin, a 17-year-old Claymore, on her quest to destroy the demons that have no sanity. Tragedies and hardships cannot be avoided, but can she turn the world into a better place?

Chapter 1: Her Past

“Damn it, the uniforms they give are so damn tight that it doesn’t even look like armor. It’s like a plain fabric sticking to your skin. Ain’t I right, Rin?”

“I do agree, Link. But what right do we have to complain since we don’t even know what true armor looks like?” Rin said emotionlessly while unsheathing her Claymore.

“Man, you are too serious, Rin. You gotta chill out sometime. Maybe I could treat you to some drinks after this?” Link replied, shrugging his shoulders and tilting his eyebrows.

“That would sound nice. Oh, there’s one above you just so you know.” Rin pointed.

“What do you take me for? An idiot? Anyone could sense this stupid Demon.” Link laughed as he sliced the Demon above him in two in a single swoop.

“My, my, good job, little boy.” smiled Catherine.

“Aw, shut up Catherine. I killed 15 of these while you only killed 10.” Link smirked.

“Even if that IS true, Rin killed double the amount of yours. Plus, she’s the newest member on the team. You’ve got to improve, my dear boy.” Catherine replied sarcastically.

“Erm, I’m sorry to interrupt, but there are 50 more incoming Demons from the West. Please prepare yourselves.” Aya said shyly.

“Wow, just what you would expect from Aya the Sensing Queen, said to have the ability to sense Demons from 100 km away with no errors.” Link grinned.

“But if I try to sense any Demons from 1000 km away, I’ll have a chance of having an error of 0.1mm…” Aya said, blushing in embarrassment.

“You sure are weird, Aya. Blushing like that even though it’s nothing to be embarrass about. You’ve got to have more confidence!” Catherine sighed.

“Y-y-yes!” Aya exclaimed.

“Well, we can’t say anything much that is against Aya since she’s ranked 9… A single digit. But why would the organisation wanna let Rin, ranked 101 among the 101 warriors, basically the last, go with us on a mission to kill 2nd stage Demons?” Link said while staring at Rin.

“I’m not sure why myself. At least we’ve got a new hand to help us around here. For a ranked 45 Claymore, you’re not exactly helping you know, Link.” Catherine snickered.

“Shut up, number 58, Catherine.” Link snapped.

“Erm, I don’t really care about my ranking so let’s just continue finishing off these Demons, shall we?” Rin suggested in her usual monotoned voice.

“Well, I don’t mind but…Rin, aren’t you a little…TOO unemotional? I’ve never seen you smile, laugh, get pissed off or even cry…It’s like you don’t wanna let people see you emotions…” Link said in a curious voice.

Rin remained silent and continued slaying the new batch of Demons that were heading their way.

It’s not that I don’t want to express those feeings…It’s because I’ve forgotten HOW…Rin thought to herself.

Rin actually became an orphan at the age of 5 because of her weird hair colour and her eyes that looked like a Demon. She had silver hair ever since she was born and her eyes were a shade of red. Her parents thought they could keep her safe, but alas, the villagers found her inhuman traits disturbing and advised the wedded couple to throw her out. They refused to do such a thing to their child and soon, all the villagers had no choice but to snatch the child and burn her. But, the plan was found out and the couple decided to run away. Unfortunately, their cottage was surrounded by the villagers by the time they had packed finish. The chief only gave them two options; Burn the child and live happily, or die  together with it. The couple looked at each other, turned back to the chief and said : “We cannot abandon this child, no matter what.” Rin screamed and struggled, being protected under her parent’s bodies as the villagers beat up the couple with poles and clubs.

“STOP IT!!!! STOP!!! DON’T KILL MAMA AND PAPA!!! THEY DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!” Rin shouted and shouted but to no avail.

“Don’t worry, our dear daughter. Live and find happiness. Never give up on this life that we have given you.” And with that one final whisper, her parents died atop their beloved daughter. The men kicked away the corpses and lifted Rin roughly by the arms.

“See what you have done, you wretched Demon. You killed your own birth parents and you can’t even apologise to them.” the chief said with a disgusted face.

“Pfftt…” A soft giggle with a hint of darkness filled the air.

“W-what are you laughing about? Do you think this is a game? Getting your own parents killed… you can’t be human!” the chief stuttered, surprised and shocked by Rin’s reaction. She looked up slowly, a sinister smile forming on her lips. “I killed them? Really? Well, since I can kill my own parents, why don’t you have a taste of getting killed by me too? I’m sure that I can make you enjoy it. No, wait. It’s ME who is going to enjoy it… How wonderful!” At that point of time, Rin couldn’t control herself any longer. She flipped the two grown men that were holding her down and dashed towards the Chief.

“D-don’t come any closer! KILL THAT GIRL!!!” the Chief shouted, scared out of his wits. She dodged the swinging clubs and jumped over the stabbing spears. Then, she appeared right in front of the Chief.

“Good night, and sweet dreams forever, Chief. Make sure to send my regards to my Mother and Father.” Rin said as she pierced her hand through the Chief’s body, right through the heart. The blood spluttered all over the place and the body dropped to the ground with a loud thud.

“M-monster! A mere child could never use their bare hands to kill someone! The Chief was right! She’s a demon!” the villagers then closed in on Rin together.

She turned to face them, swung her right hand once to get the blood off and readied her stance. Two men raced forward and slashed their knives at her. She countered their attack with a kick and an uppercut. One by one, be it women or men, the villagers were anniliated. It was a bloodbath with no survivors but Rin. She looked at her hands and the dead corpses. Then she buried every single one of them.

“Rest in Peace. I hope that you will all be reborn into something less cruel and learn to accept others for who they are.” Rin said as her tears finally ran down her face.

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Back by popular demand!

Lol. As I’ve posted in the title, something is back by popular demand! I’m sooo happy! It’s one of my earlier works that I’m proud of. It’s called “Life Slayer”. Okay, I admit the title sounds weird but I’ve got to be original right? Hahas. I hope you’ll enjoy it just like the friends who encouraged me to bring it back to life XD

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Some opinions please?

Okay, I’ve got a couple of problems with my stories and the like. Please give me your opinions for the following questions 😀

  1. Are you okay with the antagonist (the villain) still clinging onto the main character despite the main character ending up with another partner?

2. Should couples be of opposite personalities? (Since opposite poles attract? XD)

For now, these are the questions. Please answer them 😀 I’ll post some more if another time.

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Idea Draft is DONE!

Soooo happy~ I finished the idea draft for Chapter 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Love Or Death. I’m liking the progress 😀 I should be able to finish Chapter 2 and 3 by this week  since I’m meeting my editor tomorrow. She’ll help me as I write. Please anticipate the next few chapters ^^

Spoilers might be given for the next few chapters. Note that reading them might spoil the fun of reading the next few chapters. (That’s obviously why they called it a spoiler =.=)

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I’m Back !

Yoz ! I’m BACK! Seriously pissed at the Math Paper but who cares??? It’s OVER! WHOOOHOOO!!!! Hah. I’ll continue with my stories starting today and I hope I can catch up! 😀

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Now, I REALLY have to study for my exams so i won’t be updating for the next 2 weeks or so. I am truly sorry. >.<

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Unfortunately, I can’t hold any polls here due to some circumstances. Therefore, I will host all the polls i want onto My Other Blog ;D This is just a small notification so I’ll end the post now. Thank you ^^.

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The Adventures of Mr DJ

Hello everyone 😀 I just received a request from my friend about writing a story about his life. Yes, his name is Mr DJ. His real name will not be revealed by his request. Well, that’s the latest update. Erm… Chapter 1 of Will You Be My Bodyguard should be up by the week after the next. I have to study for PSLE too, you know. Thanks to those who have been commenting and to those who came to this blog 😀 I realllyyy appreciate it ^^

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Recruited 3 helpers!

Yes, just as the title says, I have recruited 3 people personally. Tests will be up by next week Thursday.

Futako Mizuki will be my Chief Adviser while Sherboy will be my Asst. Chief Adviser cum Chief Editor. Unsatisfied (Seriously, her persona is Unsatisfied.), will be my Proof-Reader and my 2nd Editor.

They have proven their skills and I really appreciate their contribution.

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